Boy do I have some stories.  Due to NDA's and my personal code, I can't tell you any of them. 

I didn't know it, but back in high school, I learned how to tell stories. In fact, I went to the State tournament telling stories, in my case, Brer Rabbit and his Laffin Place.  I didn't win, but I sure entertained a whole slew of kids along the way.  And I learned the importance of having the right audience for your story.

Today, I was at a dinner meeting.  The client was telling me their story, and I was sharing portions of mine.  I don't know if there was a connection, but I do know he felt I could tell his story.  I was the right audience, to listen and communicate his story to his desired audience. 

Brandstorming is a funny place.  It started out as fun, a place to talk about commercials as Franki and I explored the world of entrepreneurship, social media, marriage, and home ownership. Than we had kids.  And moved to Dallas.  But throughout it all, we've told stories. To clients, to prospects, to friends.  It's  ac company that embraces us, despite the myriad services we offer.

Curious what we do? This is a sampling of our work in the last few years.  

2006-2007:  45 clients, all social media and design work.

2008: SocialMediaHeadhunter launches.  Webinars, speaking and recruiting drive 50% of our revenue, with web design and copywriting covering the rest. 

2009:  Digital marketing, corporate social media, and recruiting are our core business. We launch the SocialMediaHeadhunter and Brandstorming stores, but stay afloat through design and training. 

2010:  Digital marketing leads to our biggest year. Recruiting becomes a subset of our marketing expertise, as we find people to execute the strategy we plan. 

2011:  Recruiting, Webinars, and Web design combine to generate our best year, and we move to Dallas. 

2012: Outsourced marketing, recruiting, and more web design match our 2011 highs. 

2013:  Recruiting and training lead to record years early.  Web design makes a strong start, and email marketing consultants make a comeback. Startups make their first entrance. 


To us, the story is the same.  Clients who trust us ask us to solve problems.  We find ways to help them.  But the stories we tell are about the people involved.  Our success has been dependent on phone calls from friends who needed help. And we helped them, to the best of out abilities. 

As we move through 2013, with the introduction of Chattaboom and our strongest year in recruiting, this we know. Life is about stories.  Which explains why sales is about the story, not the close.  A good story always has a good ending.